New Release: No Way Back. Forgotten Fallout, Book Three


When the going gets tough, Sheriff Duke gets tougher.

He’ll have to if he’s going to survive long enough to see justice done. The monsters infecting the forgotten Earth don’t sleep, and neither can he. There’s no time to rest. There’s no time to recover. The clock is ticking, the stakes are rising, and if he fails it’ll be more than his wife and child that are caught in the fallout.

It’ll be the whole world.

New Release: No Good Deed. Forgotten Fallout, Book Two


Once. Just once.

Sheriff Hayden Duke would love to get involved in a mess that didn’t blow up into an all-out disaster.

Not this time.

His hunt for clues has led him to more questions and a whole heap of new trouble:

He lost his horse, his newest ally is a wanted man, and the enemy he’s chasing isn’t the enemy he expected.

They’re worse. Much, much worse.

They say no good deed goes unpunished. There’s only one thing Hayden can do in response:

Get back in the saddle and find a way to survive the inevitable showdown.

Declaration. Forgotten Colony, Book Five

The Deliverance is on the brink of destruction.

The planet is more dangerous than anyone realized - the crossroads of a war millennia in the making - and the colony is Ground Zero.

But the courage of a few can move mountains, and the fight isn’t lost just yet.

The enemy thinks they have Caleb right where they want him.

They ought to think again.

Destruction. Forgotten Colony, Book Four


The Deliverance isn’t alone.

That’s not a surprise. The planet was chosen for a reason.

But the situation is more dire than Caleb ever imagined. The enemy he’s encountered isn’t the enemy he was seeking, and the conflict is expanding in ways he can barely conceive.

Taken prisoner by an opponent both familiar and foreign, he’ll have to prove himself one more time…

Or watch everything he’s fought so hard to protect be destroyed.