Broken Countdown... T-Minus One Week...

Broken is finished, and ready to go. I intend to hit the 'Publish' button on Friday night, so those of you who like to check early and often might catch it up there before I do :). I'll release the results of the poll from Betrayal about two weeks after that. I haven't released them yet because I didn't want to give away any of the plot before anybody got to read the book. That being said, I DID make use of the feedback I received, so thank you to everyone who participated.

While I'm talking about Broken, I should mention Book 4. I've already written 20,000 words, and I've been keeping a pretty strong pace. The goal is to get it out in January, but if I keep up my current torrent, it will probably come sooner than that.

What's after Book 4, you might ask?

Book 5, of course ;)

I'm also considering a spin-off novel that will follow one of the other characters through an adventure or two. The more doors that I open, the more doors that appear.