His Dark Empire

On Friday, I released my newest creation. Titled His Dark Empire, it's a 'traditional' fantasy, with its own world similar to, but separate from our own. Here's the description:

For over four hundred years he has ruled with absolute power. For over four hundred years he has gone unseen, a terror that none have witnessed, but all fear. There is no history of a time before his time. There is no hope of a world after him.

Eryn is cursed. Silas is a drunk. Neither is threatening. Both are a threat. One is wanted for being what she is. The other is wanted for being who he was.

With a magical power that Eryn can barely control, and a mysterious past that Silas cannot unlock, can these two unlikely people do what armies could not?

Can they put an end to his dark Empire?

You can get it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1e0T0tz