Massive Holiday Sale!


If you know anyone who likes fantasy... EVERY book I've written will be on sale starting tomorrow, December 19th for a limited time: Balance - $0.99 Betrayal - $0.99 Broken - $0.99

His Dark Empire- FREE

I'm also making a bit of a marketing push through multiple channels. His Dark Empire will be featured on Bookblast and The Fussy Librarian (never heard of it? check it out here). Balance will make an appearance on, and of course all of the Divine Series can be found as part of the Kindle Countdown Deals.

If you haven't picked up His Dark Empire yet, here's your chance to get it for the best price EVER! As for the Divine Series, I've never put books 2 or 3 on sale before. If you kind-of-liked Balance, but not enough to pay $4.99 for each title - this is your chance to get them on the cheap, and my chance to convince you to keep coming back! It's possible that they'll never be on sale again.

Anyway, you can see everything on my Amazon author page here:

Happy Holidays!