New Release: Triple Threat. Justice of the Covenant, Book One

Some of you may or may not remember that I teased more Covenant novels at the end of Chaos of the Covenant. Well, here's the first installment. This set focuses on Abbey's daughter, Hayley, and her part in the war against the Nephilim (and another enemy who shall not be named). I hope you enjoy it!

Hayley Cage never expected to find herself running jobs with one of the toughest mercenary units working the galaxy's edge. But then, life doesn't always go as planned.

If it did, she would be about to graduate as an Officer in the Republic Military, not prepping for a routine rescue mission on a backwater planet in the middle of nowhere.

A mission that's about to go straight to hell.

When a bad deal leads to a worse situation, Hayley and her squad find themselves trapped planet-side, under heavy attack and fighting to survive against the most dangerous threat they've ever encountered. A threat they can't afford to leave unchecked, even if it means they have to die to stop it.

If they don't, it's going to be a whole lot more than their lives that are lost.

It's going to be the whole galaxy.