jQuery DynoMenu - a plugin with a purpose

I've just added the first of hopefully many jQuery plugins and bits of useful javascript to Github.  Called DynoMenu, it is a plugin with a very specific and singular purpose.. yet it may have value to others who find themselves with a similar need. DynoMenu was conceived to solve a problem on HomesConnect.  Since HomesConnect is a CMS that allows users to add new pages and new menu items to their navigation, and since the navigation is horizontal across the top of the page, the need arose to be able to maintain the layout of the templates while removing the burden of keep the navigation usable from the agent.

The solution was this plugin, which will first try to shrink the navigation font to a determined size, and if failing will systematically remove navigation items until it achieves the best fit. These items are placed in a 'more' link which becomes the last main navigation item, and can be accessed from there.  Since the agent can determine the order of their navigation via a drag and drop interface on the backend, it is easy for them to decide which items will fall under the 'more' link by pushing them to the end of the navigation.

In any case this may not have much use outside of CMS systems where you cannot control the total number of nav items, but who knows.. maybe there is a use case I'm not considering.

Download it from Github here. See a demo.