Backbone Resources - Become a Badass Chiropractor.

In the process of trying to get the dev team here at Homes Media Solutions up to speed on Backbone, I've been collecting links to a diverse range of articles, resources, etc. on the subject. Following is a curated list of what I believe are the best resources for learning Backbone and being badass at it (in no specific order).

  1. Backbone Fundamentals Open source e-book, started, curated, edited by Addi Osmani.  Still being written, but in time sure to become the defacto free reference to Backbone development.  There are lots of other good resources at the bottom of this page.
  2. Event Aggregator using Backbone An elegant solution to a common application problem.
  3. Data-binding with Backbone Derek  Bailey (see #2) is awesome.
  4. Understanding MVC And MVP (For JavaScript And Backbone Developers) Addi Osmani's post on the history of the aforementioned patterns, and how they relate to the Backbone world.
  5. Recipes With Backbone ($24) Okay, this one isn't free, but it goes through some useful Backbone patterns for dealing with common application architecture concerns.
  6. Peepcode Backbone Screencasts ($12) If you are a total Backbone beginner, these screencasts are worth every one of those twelve dollars.  Peepcode has a few Backbone related screencasts on their site, so don't just settle for the basics (which is linked here)

And here is a bonus link because it's worth looking at and following the links that branch off of it:

Javascript Patterns Collection  by Shi Chuan - a list of patterns and anti-patterns to make your javascript awesome.