Invasion - duplicate chapters corrected.

I screwed up.

I use a software tool called Vellum to build my manuscripts into finished books (both e-book and print). It’s an awesome tool, and it does a great job.

But it isn’t immune from human error, and neither am I.

When I published Invasion, I accidentally ended up with a duplicate of one of the chapters, instead of two individual chapters. So, a chapter is missing. It’s short and not critical to the story, but it is a little jarring to go from one scene to the next - and it should have been in there.

If you bought the book between 6/25 and 6/27 you probably have the book with the error. It was corrected as soon as I was alerted to the problem, and any downloads from mid-day 6/27 on won’t have it.

You can try deleting the book and re-downloading from your kindle app. This has worked for some and not for others. If you want to read the missing chapter, you can get it here:

I’m very, very sorry for the inconvenience. I feel terrible about it because I work really hard to put together a great read every time, and I know the error takes away from that.



New Release: Invasion. Forgotten Vengeance Book One

Two hundred years ago, aliens invaded Earth.
A violent war followed. The enemy won.
Some of us escaped...

...most of us didn’t.

On Proxima they flourished - the invasion forgotten.
On Earth we floundered - the horror began.

Their world is advanced, peaceful, and secure.
Our world is broken, savage, and overrun.

A new invasion is coming.
A hunger that has swallowed half the universe.

They don’t care which planet we live on.
They want to end us all.

But where there is life, there is hope.
And where there is hope, there are heroes.

Sheriff. Marine. Pilot.
Engineer. Centurion. Clone.

This time, vengeance will be ours.

New Release: No Way Back. Forgotten Fallout, Book Three


When the going gets tough, Sheriff Duke gets tougher.

He’ll have to if he’s going to survive long enough to see justice done. The monsters infecting the forgotten Earth don’t sleep, and neither can he. There’s no time to rest. There’s no time to recover. The clock is ticking, the stakes are rising, and if he fails it’ll be more than his wife and child that are caught in the fallout.

It’ll be the whole world.

Declaration. Forgotten Colony, Book Five

The Deliverance is on the brink of destruction.

The planet is more dangerous than anyone realized - the crossroads of a war millennia in the making - and the colony is Ground Zero.

But the courage of a few can move mountains, and the fight isn’t lost just yet.

The enemy thinks they have Caleb right where they want him.

They ought to think again.