Dead Lucky - A FREE Ghosts & Magic Novella


UPDATE 11/1/2014:Thanks to Wordwizard for reminding me about this post. Dead Lucky is no longer free, or distributed outside of Amazon. It is currently $2.99 @Amazon, or you can borrow it if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

For those of you who have ready Dead of Night, or those of you who have been on the fence about getting into a new world, I've recently released Dead Lucky - a novella (20,000 words) set two years before Dead of Night, that explores one of Conor's earliest and most important experiences - the one where he gets the dice.

It is currently FREE at most of the major e-book retailers, and will be on all of them once Smashwords approves the files and sends them to B&N.

As always, links are available here. Choose your favorite store and select 'Dead Lucky'.

If you like it, please consider leaving a review as thanks for making it free. I hope you enjoy it.