war eternal

New Release: Eternal Return. War Eternal, Book Six

A memory recovered.
A weapon forged.
A showdown an eternity in the making.  

Colonel Mitchell “Ares” Williams has won battles before. So while the recovery of the eternal engine and the emergence of a powerful new ally have given him hope that he can save humanity from enslavement and annihilation, he knows the war against the Tetron is far from over, and victory far from assured.

When a mission gone sideways finds the Riggers cut off and the enemy closing in, Mitchell has no choice but to forget about strategy and improvise, risking everything in a last-ditch effort to bring the starship Goliath back where it belongs.

Because if he doesn’t, there won’t be any battles left to win.

New Release: Forever Until Tomorrow, War Eternal, Book 5

A war lost.
A civilization in ruins.
A spark of hope among the wreckage.

The war is over. The war has just begun. Major Katherine Asher of the newly founded United Earth Alliance knows nothing about the apocalyptic war of a past future. She’s scheduled to pilot the newly christened Dove, Earth’s first starship, in her maiden voyage. But when a terrorist attack leaves her wounded and hearing voices, she quickly finds herself caught up in the eternal struggle and fighting to stop a future that has no place for humankind.

At the same time, a man in St. Louis decides to leave the psychiatric hospital he’s called home for the last twenty years, since the fateful night an alien starship fell to Earth…

Point of Origin: War Eternal Book Four

A starship lost.

A creator found.

A frantic race to save them both.

For Colonel Mitchell “Ares” Williams, there is no giving up. There is no going back. The Goliath may have fallen into enemy hands, but the war must go on.

After all, he and the Riggers have what they need to locate the Creator, the man responsible for the alien threat and the key to unraveling their unstoppable attack. All they have to do is get to him before the Tetron do.

It’s no easy task, but nothing about the war has ever been easy, and the Riggers still have a few tricks left up their sleeves.

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New Release: The Knife's Edge


A mission failed... A civilization on the edge of collapse... A dangerous alliance to save it...

Colonel Mitchell “Ares” Williams has never been one to accept failure. While the outcome on Liberty is a crushing setback to his and the Rigger’s chances of salvaging the war, there’s no time to waste on regret. After all, the mission wasn’t a total loss, delivering an unexpected asset in the wake of their defeat:

Liun Tio, a.k.a the Knife, a notorious warlord and enemy of the Alliance, whose deep-seated mistrust of artificial intelligence and control over what may be the largest free fleet in the galaxy have made him the most important man alive.

If humanity is going to have a chance to survive the Tetron onslaught, Ares and the Knife will need to find a way to work together. But can the two learn to trust one another enough to bring the power of their joint forces to bear against a common enemy? Or will their fragile alliance crumble beneath the weight of personal motives and divergent goals?

As Mitchell and the Riggers will soon discover, the knife’s edge cuts both ways.

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