Dead of Night

For Conor Night, the world’s only surviving necromancer, staying alive is an expensive proposition. So when the promise of a big payout for a small bit of thievery presents itself, Conor is all in. But nothing comes easy in the world of ghosts and magic, and it isn’t long before Conor is caught up in the machinations of the most powerful wizards on Earth and left with only two ways out: 

Finish the job, or be finished himself.

Dead Lucky

When a strange message arrives through an even stranger channel, necromancer Conor Night is driven to discover its meaning, even if it takes a road trip that he might not be healthy enough to survive. Joined by his sexy partner and an undead wise-ass, he’s about to rush headlong into a magic and mayhem filled night in New Orleans that will leave his future riding on a roll of the dice. 
Luck, be a lady… 

Dead Red

Conor Night, the world’s only surviving necromancer, is used to having bad days. After all, he’s spent the last few years as a minor pawn in the Game of Houses while keeping one foot planted firmly in the grave. But between the job offer he can’t refuse from a wizard he doesn’t trust, and the appearance of a cult bent on sending him to the afterlife, his days are about to get a whole lot worse. 

He’s used to the threat of death. Death making threats? That’s new.

Dead Stare

Conor Night, the world’s only necromancer, is starting to think that his life is finally coming together. His last job not only left him funded, but also helped him fall off the radar of the world’s two most powerful wizards. Of course, being a necromancer always has its downsides, and when he’s forced into a job that will leave the Houses on the brink of all-out war, he begins to realize just how down those sides can be.