My name is Landon Hamilton.  I’m a ghost. 

I died five years ago, except I didn’t get to rest in peace like most of the departed. Instead, I was tapped by Dante (yes, that Dante) in Purgatory to become his champion and save humankind from the rest of the Divine - you know, angels and demons and their mortal followers. 

It seemed like a great deal at the time.  Hindsight? It sucks. 


My name is Landon Hamilton. 

I’m the only thing keeping the universe in one piece. 

I thought fighting angels and demons was a tough gig, but now I’d give anything to go back to the not-that-good, not-so-old days. There’s a new game in town, and it’s one that's threatening to destroy everything that has ever been created. 

Oh, and my friends and I are the only ones who can stop it. 

Game on.


My name is Landon Hamilton. 

I’m in hell. 

I was sacrificed to save the world, and imprisoned with the very thing that sought to destroy it. 

It wouldn’t be so bad, except the love of my afterlife is stuck here with me, and the monster in this cage has all of eternity to make us pay for shutting him down. 

Even worse? Our only hope of escaping this torment rests with the vampire who set it loose to begin with. 

I hope it was worth it.