Destruction. Forgotten Colony, Book Four


The Deliverance isn’t alone.

That’s not a surprise. The planet was chosen for a reason.

But the situation is more dire than Caleb ever imagined. The enemy he’s encountered isn’t the enemy he was seeking, and the conflict is expanding in ways he can barely conceive.

Taken prisoner by an opponent both familiar and foreign, he’ll have to prove himself one more time…

Or watch everything he’s fought so hard to protect be destroyed.

Desperation. Forgotten Colony, Book Three

The Deliverance has arrived.

The planet is beautiful, lush, teeming with life and perfectly suited to the colony’s needs. It should be a paradise.

Instead, it’s a nightmare.

Caleb knows the truth. The ship’s real mission has nothing to do with settlement. The plan is much more sinister than that.

Now the race is on to prepare for the coming storm, to secure the colony and find the enemy before the enemy finds them.

But when fear leads to a desperate betrayal, will it be the innocent who pay the ultimate price?

Deception. Forgotten Colony, Book Two


Interstellar colony ship Deliverance. Somewhere in deep space…

Caleb wakes from stasis ready to take over as Guardian of the colony. He's not prepared for what he discovers…

The Marines he was supposed to relieve are missing, something monstrous is roaming the corridors, the dead are rising, and the starship is inexplicably low on fuel.

Now Caleb is fighting time, desperate to find some way, any way, to overcome an impossible situation and get the colony home.

He's also about to come to the most frightening realization of all:

They may have already arrived...

New Release: Deliverance. Forgotten Colony, Book One

Deliverance is the first book in a new series based in the Forgotten universe. It doesn’t have Sheriff Duke in it (sorry), but it does have a new, awesome lead named Caleb Card.

You may already know what happened to the Pilgrim but now you can learn what happened to the Deliverance. It probably isn’t what you might expect.

Here’s the hook:

The war is over. Earth is lost. Running is the only option.

It may already be too late.

Earth is overcome by vicious xenotrife, reduced to a war-torn wasteland. The Deliverance will carry one final group of survivors to a new home across the stars.

Caleb is a survivor. A veteran Marine reluctant to give up the fight, yet eager for the promise of peace.

A promise too quickly broken.

An attack on the spacecraft finds Caleb front and center in a desperate defense, even as the ship makes its way into the black. It’s the hardest challenge he's ever faced, but what happens next will be much, much harder.

Because the xenotrife may not be the most dangerous threat on board...