Holiday Giveaway

UPDATE:Congrats to Scott, who won the $100 Gift Card, and Natalie and Jordan who each won a $25 gift card. Thanks to everyone for entering. I hope 2015 is awesome for all of you (and that you buy all my books ;) ).

As promised, I'm running a quick Holiday giveaway for readers on my e-mail list and who follow my blog. To enter, all you need to do is click the link to go to my Facebook page. You don't need to like me or anything (you can if you want to :D ), but I had to enter an option for Rafflecopter, and it seemed like the one available with their free plan that had the least friction.

So, what do you win?

Grand Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card

Second & Third Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Thank you for being a reader, happy holidays, and good luck!

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Balance: 10,000 Sales Celebration!


I did a Kindle Countdown deal in December, offering Balance for $0.99 for a week. The results of that offer were UNBELIEVABLE, pushing Balance to a high of #253 in the Amazon store, and #5 overall in Paranormal / Urban Fantasy and #7 overall in Epic Fantasy. All told, I sold over 3000 copies of Balance in December (and ~7500 books total), pushing it's sales count well past 10,000 copies, to ~11,600. As I had mentioned previously, I'm celebrating the achievement by giving away money, in the form of Amazon gift cards.

You need to do two things to enter:

1. Have found this link - congratulations, you've already done this! 2. Click the 'enter' button.

Oh, and if you aren't already on my mailing list - I recommend signing up. There will be more giveaways in the future, and I know you don't want to miss the chance to win stuff (and maybe learn about my new realeases?). Just click the 'mailing list' link in the menu, and put in your e-mail address. I promise not to spam.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The winners have been notified! Congratulations to Christopher, Yannick, and Caleb. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Betrayal Giveaway Results


If you haven't read Broken yet... possible spoilers below... you've been warned. :) I promised I would reveal the results to the giveaway / contest I inserted into the end of Betrayal after Broken had been out for a little while. It's been about six weeks now, so I figured it would be a good time to show the results.

The question was: If Landon were trapped on a deserted island, who would you want him to be trapped with, and why?

The results were in some cases surprising, and the responses as to 'why' insightful and entertaining. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Character Votes
Charis 142
Rebecca 71
Izak 42
Ulnyx 22
Josette 9
Obi 6
Sarah 4
Thomas 1

I had a feeling that Charis would get the most votes, but I didn't expect that she would double her next closest competition. I was also a little surprised that Izak had such a good showing, but how can you go wrong with having such a bad-ass at your side? It also doesn't hurt that there's something intriguing about the fact that he can't speak.

Special thanks to the one person who showed Thomas some love.

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite responses for 'why':

  • Ulnyx: It would be interesting to see if they try to kill each other or work together to escape
  • Charis: she would keep things entertaining. rebecca is psycho, josette too good and sarah be too emotional.
  • Josette: Seems to be the most interesting of the women, Izak would be the most interesting male but what fun is being stuck on an island with a guy
  • Izak: izak can turn into a naked survivalist out of nowhere funny and uncomfortable
  • Rebecca: I feel that it would help him resolve his issues for letting her die and it would also be a head trip to see how that would affect him
  • Obi: Good stories take characters with weaknesses (Obi is not a Divine) and put them in crazy situations where they grow and or are creative in their solutions. Landon needs someone without years of knowledge or divine abilities.


Thanks again to everyone who took part. If you read Broken, I hope you enjoyed it! Keep an eye out for Bound, coming early 2014.